Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Briefing for London Project

30 Jan 2012: The new Tall Building Studio met for the first time for a briefing, and formed 3 working groups. Each group has a fair distribution of STB students experienced in tall building, and of EED students who have done the Isover Multi-comfort house competition with Lucelia and Brian Ford.
   Each group has to do their own site analysis, and they must look at a special topic in addition - Group A to consider the adaptation of Passivhaus and Active House ideas to tall buildings, Group B to consider Social spaces and Multi use towers, and Group C to tell us about London and tall buildings in London, including the more notable towers, but including examples of residential high rise.

Our site is the triangle bounded by Newington Butts, Dante Rd and Brook Drive. There is already some student housing on the site and two leisure centres, and our primary site within that is the flattened slab that used to be the London Park Hotel. 

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