Friday, March 18, 2011

First Interim Crit 2011

Design idea for the corniche in Abu Dhabi
17 Mar '11: We are moving into the design phase of the 'Culture Context and Climate' project for 2011 and had our first presentations of the design ideas. We had 100% attendance with every group or individual having a design idea and agenda, and we were glad to see that some were surprisingly far advanced.

Idea for Multi use tower at Blackfriars, London
  We have sites in London, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, with widely varying climatic circumstances - as one of our governing principles is Sustainability, the emphasis is on a socially responsible agenda, not on sculptural shapes.
  The above scheme for Abu Dhabi attempts to discover a form that reflects the bioclimatic necessity of a hot dry climate, respecting traditional living patterns in Middle Eastern high density urban precedents - in this case, Shibam in Hadramaut, Yemen.
  The scheme, right, is a multi use tower for London, far more multi use than ones that have been called that, such as the Shard (mostly offices and a tiny proportion of residential). It looks ahead to the times when sea levels may rise intermittently or even permanently, and a new form of architecture needs to rise above the waters. The tragic events in Japan recently have shown how ever a rich and sophisticated society can have a major refugee problem in the face of massive natural disasters. 

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