Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Final Crit for the Leamouth highrise project

29 May: Final Crit : We took all the drawings and models down to the Trent Building, using the Performance Arts Studio.  This was a new experience, as the drawings were projected on a giant screen, but the Urban group started, and everyone followed the example - panning and zooming over their posters, explaining. There were good videos from all groups, which are going on to YouTube.
   We had Timo Kujala, the original 'client' taking part as our main crit guest. We had Ivan Jovanovic who was important at the early stages, defining the environmental agenda.
    David NC and Phil were pleased with the results and with the performance of all the students, and with the number of projects being of an A grade. We feel that the Performing Arts Studio somehow raised the ceremonial value of the event, our Final Crit for the Leamouth project (we feel we have mined out this excellent site, so it really is the final crit.) So we will use it again next year - the work of moving it down the hill was well rewarded.  Next comes the exhibition!

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