Friday, October 9, 2009

Presentations about London

Oct 8th: Each of the groups, Red Star, Cloud Nine, Team 309, Future Scrape and Studio A did an hour's presentation about their London experience, plus a bit more.

Some included comparisons between London and Shanghai, some did more detailed case studies on key buildings seen during the walk, some examined space and landscaping around tall buildings, some did facades, entrances, sustainability strategies. Some looked at interesting juxtapositions such as Old-New, Large-small, some looked at vistas and sightlines, some at Transport connections, London climate and population, and some at History and Context - and other topics were covered too.

All very interesting and a great way for the groups to get used to working together. More importantly, it is a sort of dry run for what they need to do a lot better on cities that they have not actually visited and cannot visit, namely, Chicago, Rotterdam, Mumbai, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

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